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WildNightParties.com is a unique group of fun outgoing sexy adults who enjoy sex a little on the wilder side. Our swingers parties are free and organized by our members in over 100 cities across the country. Our group is designed for those in the swinger lifestyle but we do also have a civic mission and hold several fundraising events and toy drives throughout the year.  Our club is not only for those with a lot of experience in this lifestyle, but also those who are just curious. Most of our members are couples, but we also have some select single men and women who are also members. While we are known for our wild parties, we do have a mission for the club. Our members are all very active in our fundraising events and of course we are going to have a lot of fun along the way!

Our members are everyday ordinary people from all walks of life with an open mind who have discovered how to spice up their life or please their curiosity. Don’t get me wrong, this is not for everyone. You must have trust and a special relationship, but if you find that with someone special it is the most satisfying sexual experience you will ever have.

Join our sexy swinger parties.

All of our events have a great atmosphere and good-hearted, fun-loving people. Many great long-term friendships and social relationships have been made at our parties. We are a private members only club but we are always looking to make new friends, so if you have any interest in the lifestyle come hang out with us at our gatherings and we can tell you more by first joining SwingLifeStyle.com. We do not have a set location due to local and state laws, but each month and usually week we have meet-and-greet events as well as hosted parties at different locations. These parties are free to our members. Some of our members prefer signing up with AdultFriendFinder, where we also have an active group.

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