About the Club


The Wild Night Parties are private clubs in one of over 100 cities (we are growing!).  Our members are an eclectic group of fun-loving couples and select single males and females. The majority of our members are “25-50 something,” trendy and playful. Our management and staff will introduce new members to “regulars,” who are very happy to introduce their friends. We do not have a permanent location in any city. We simply host different events around the city. Sometimes we all meet at a bar or club and then if we want to have fun we find a nearby hotel. Sometimes we have house parties, boat parties, bon fires, and many other events. It depends on the city, time of year, and the interests of the local group. It is just a great way to meet people with similar interest in the lifestyle.



The main question we get from new prospective members is, “Are we a swingers club?” To provide you a one word answer, NO we are not. We do, however, cater to those in this lifestyle and other non-traditional lifestyles, but the mission of WildNightParties.com is simple: To provide our members a fun venue to hang out with friends, have some drinks, dance, and enjoy some wild times. We do not charge for our parties and we are not interested in profits, just some fun.

Erotic Couples ONLY events are becoming a mainstream activity and have become something of a social-sexual phenomenon in recent years. People from all walks of life are attracted to the “LifeStyle,” with the highest influx being 30-40 something, married, middle-to-upper class professionals who are hitting the club scene for the first time. In a society that promotes sexuality, secure couples have been able to develop a sense of sexual maturity that has led to a point where sensual exploration has become a popular trend. We will, from time to time, have couples only events, but most of the times single members are always invited. We are a private club that is member-operated and to become a member you must apply and be approved by the membership committee. If you are just a single guy wanting to come in and see people having sex or try to have sex with people, then your membership will not be approved. Our members are some of the hottest and sexiest people in the area and we want to keep it that way. See our membership page for more information about becoming a member. We do welcome some single men but it is limited. We do ask that everyone who wants to attend parties join www.SwingLifeStyle.com because we use their group feature to send out the invites. Please note single men have to be paid members there, but free is fine for single women and couples. No offense guys, but this is from experience and we want to make sure all our members are comfortable.

Most people have the wrong idea of what a LifeStyle club is. Many think that it’s just one big orgy and you check your clothes at the door and then dive right in, doing anything you want with whomever you like.

This is COMPLETELY not the case!

More than anything else, WNP is a social club where you’ll meet some of the nicest people and have a ton of fun. If you just want to dance and have some drinks, that’s perfectly fine. If you want to explore a little, then there are plenty hot couples and singles to have fun with.



The best way to approach the evening is with only one single expectation, and that is to have a great time. This way you’ll be completely comfortable. We have a good number of members who are not involved in the swinger’s lifestyle. We have a lot of single girls who just like to come to an event to dance and have fun and not have a bunch of drunk dudes hitting on them all night. We also have a lot of professional single males who like to come to an event and have drinks with friends, so don’t assume everyone in the club is looking for sex. At the same time, don’t be shocked if you see a couple or two hot girls making out on the dance floor. The entire idea behind our club is that (just about) anything goes.