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The Wild Night Party Club is a private club. We do not charge a fee for most of our parties. A few are very expensive for us to put on and those we do ask that the members help pay for some of those expenses but most are free. We are careful of who we let in for several reasons. We do take our members’ privacy very serious and we are very protective of their info.

We have a group set up in each city on and we do require that if you are going to attend one of our parties you join the group on SLS. The site is free to join but if you are a single guy you must be a paid member at and preapproved by one of our senior members. Alternatively, some of our members have joined through AdultFriendFinder, given its popularity in the swinger community.

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Despite the beliefs of many, people join swinging for the adventure and not due to anything lacking from their lives in particular — it is generally an enhancement to already fulfilled lives. The couples who join generally have very trusting and fulfilled relationships — indeed, a high level of trust and openness are required for this. For single women this lifestyle provides a better atmosphere for exploration than the bar or club scene, and for single men it likewise provides a more open and trusting environment.

Swinging allows members to engage in their fantasies without being judged. You can engage in all manner of intimate, sensual activities with your partner, another member, or another couple or group, allowing you to feel fulfilled beyond what you thought possible.