Benefits of Swinging

Swinging, also referred to as partner swapping, is an alternative lifestyle in which singles and couples have sexual relationships with others for recreation. Swinging has grown in popularity due to the sexual revolution of the 1960s as well as the advent of contraceptives (birth control). Swinging is also called “the alternative lifestyle.”

The benefits of swinging for couples and select singles are numerous and varied. Swinging enhances the lives of participants by allowing swingers to enjoy greater variety, frequency, and amount of sex. Swinging allows couples to get out of the monotony that often arises in long-term relationships or marriages. Contrary to assumptions in the popular culture, swinging has saved many relationships by allowing partners to feel more control and less psychological uncertainty regarding their relationships, as partners mutually explore their sexual lives with each other and others. Couples often find themselves happier and more fulfilled as a result of the lifestyle.

Swinging can take place in different venues or places. It can take place at a party with a small gathering of friends and acquaintances or at a club that hosts swingers’ events. Swingers may meet at a bar or other public place before heading to a more private place to explore their sexual desires. Swingers sometimes meet at a hotel or may go on a cruise to more privately engage in the lifestyle.


In an academic study of 1,092 participants who answered a General Social Survey (GSS), 62.6 percent of swingers responded that swinging improved their marriages or relationships, 35.6 percent claimed their relationships were unaffected, and less than two percent claimed they were less happy as a result of swinging. In the survey, swingers were more likely than the general population to claim affiliation with a religious organization, though tended to have more liberal views regarding sexuality and gender roles. The survey also found that swingers are represented evenly across the political spectrum.


Whereas sexual affairs can be spontaneous and unplanned, swinging involves planned consent among couples engaged in the lifestyle. Because of the planning involved, swingers generally practice safer sex than those who behave promiscuously in the general population. While alcohol and drugs are associated with promiscuity in society, many swingers choose to avoid mind-altering substances as they may affect sexual performance. Swingers generally encourage the use of condoms and generally offer them at their parties and events. Swingers are also more likely than promiscuous people in the general population to get frequently tested for STIs, thus ensuring safety among them and others.


Swinging strengthens rather than weakens relationships by providing an outlet for couples to fully explore their sexual desires and needs, all the while being faithful to their partners by being honest and up-front about their activities and desires. At, we believe honesty and openness are essential to successful relationships, and we continue to grow throughout the country as couples and select singles join the lifestyle to fully explore their sexuality. The honesty and openness in the lifestyle have revived many marriages and relationships that otherwise would have withered into boredom and dissatisfaction. Join us to fulfill your wildest desires by getting your free membership today.

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