NO MEANS NO: This is a private club for the enjoyment of both men and women alike. Everyone has the right to inquire of another if they would like to engage in any sexual activity or nudity. No one has the right to disregard any other person’s wishes. Therefore, should anyone decline your invitation or overtures, you shall respect that “no” and you shall not bother, annoy, harass or persist.

NO PROSTITUTION: Prostitution is the giving or the receiving of the body for sexual activities for hire. Sexual activity involves the anus, the vaginal area and the penis/genitals. Therefore no one is permitted to ask, solicit or partake in the touching or any other type of contact with another person’s penis/genitals, anus or vaginal area for compensation. Compensation does not require money to be exchanged but rather involves anything of value regardless of how trivial that value may be. Anyone who solicits prostitution engages in prostitution or appears to be involved in prostitution will be removed from the premises immediately and their membership revoked.

NO JOKING ABOUT PROSTITUTION: Since solicitation of prostitution is simply a verbal act of one person communicating to another that they wish sexual activity to occur for hire, even joking about sexual activity for hire can be misconstrued to be soliciting prostitution. Therefore, any joking or fooling around about prostitution or acts that may constitute prostitution will result in your immediate removal and your membership revoked.

NO DRUGS: No illegal drugs will be permitted on premises. Illegal drugs are drugs that you are not permitted to have by law. Should you require at any time to take any drug while on the premises, it must be taken from a prescription bottle in the name of the person taking the drug.

NO GUNS OR WEAPONS OF ANY KIND: Shall NOT be permitted on the premises.

NO CAMERAS, VIDEO OR AUDIO EQUIPMENT: Shall NOT be permitted inside the premises. Members of the press please refer to the WNP Privacy Agreement. 

NO INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT: As with “NO means NO,“ as a member of WNP you agree to respect other members’ wishes for privacy and enjoyment. Therefore you shall not engage in any inappropriate touching or non-consensual touching, nor will you behave in a manner that is disruptive to others’ enjoyment. Loud, obnoxious and inconsiderate behavior shall not be tolerated. Should you act in an inappropriate manner as determined by management, then you will be asked to leave immediately. Should this occur more than once, your membership will be revoked.

YOU MUST BE 21 YEARS OF AGE OR OVER: To become a member of WNP.

YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS SOLELY FOR YOURSELF: Anyone allowing another person to use his or her membership card or to pose as him or her for the sake of entry will have his or her membership revoked.

ORIENTATION: Should you have any concerns as to what might take place or what might be viewed inside the private area inside WNP, then before becoming a member you should ask management any questions you might have or discuss your concerns. Should you not take these steps in asking any questions you might have as to the nature of the club, and then it is assumed that you know the nature of this club and approve of the nature of the club.

LIMITED SPACE: Should WNP, upon your arrival, be filled to capacity, you understand that regardless of the fact that you are a member, you will not be allowed to enter and said inability shall not be grounds for a refund of membership fees.

ALCOHOL: WNP is a private BYOB club and alcohol will not be sold on premises. Should you desire to drink alcohol (beer, liquor or wine), you must bring your own with you to the premises.

Please be advised that management strongly suggest that all persons practice safe sex. Please be aware that all activities are at your own risk.